The first weekend of December I have my very first book signing in a book store!

When I heard the publishing date for Morning Coffee, Afternoon Tea, and Evening Wine, I knew immediately where I wanted to have my first book signing—Book and Games in Walla Walla Washington!

Walla Walla is regularly appears on lists of most beautiful small towns in the United States.  And now that the vineyards and wineries surrounding Walla Walla produce some of the best wines in the world, it has become a major destination for those who love wine, food, and scenery.

And at the very heart of Walla Walla and its surrounding vineyards and hills is Book and Games.  Many an afternoon I have spent browsing and buying in the store or across the street in a local coffee shop looking at Book and Games, drawing it.  Book and Games is the backdrop for most of the social activity that takes place in Walla Walla.

Part of what makes Walla Walla’s main street unique, and the place of so many activities, is that the street has a slight bend right in front of Book and Games.  The result is that rather than looking down the street at an empty horizon, the street serves as a natural stage and backdrop.

I have included one of the several drawings I have made over the years of Book and Games.  If you are planning a trip to Walla Walla check out the online site, You will not only find things to do in Walla Walla, but you will see a street car show, with Book and Games as the backdrop, just as I described it.  And if you make it to Walla Walla be sure to visit Jannelle and the wonderful people at Book and Games.

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  1. Jim Robertson says:

    Glenn, so glad Dan posted this. Very pleased for you. Very much like the sketches I took time to look over. Inspires me to keep at it. You’d think retirement would give me all sorts of time to pursue my art interests – need to combine some with first grandson care time!

  2. Jonathan Ponder says:

    Hi Glen, I found your site through a post from Dan on facebook. I love the drawings and congratulations on your books that are coming out!

  3. Great that you could go back to where it all started!

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