If you are looking for a great gift, let me suggest that you add either Morning Coffee, Afternoon Tea, or Evening Wine along with your favorite coffee, tea, or wine.

Just last week I was in the Frye Art Museum in Seattle, and I saw a woman with Afternoon Tea on the table beside her plate in the museum café, where she and a friend were having lunch.  I went over to her table and asked her where she had found the book.  She replied, “A friend gave it to me for my birthday.  I just love it!  But, I am not sure where one can buy the book…”

I could see that she enjoyed the book, because she had it stuffed full of art pictures, recipes, notes, and other memorabilia.

I then let her in on the secret that I knew where to find the book, because I was the author!  She was so excited, and asked if I would be willing to sign her book…

Recently, another woman I met said that she loved reading the books and looking at the drawings.  Then, she added, “And, I just love to hold them in my hands…  They are just the right size to hold…  They make me feel good just holding them!”

I tell these two stories, because they make the point that recipients will cherish Morning Coffee, Afternoon Tea, and Evening Wine long after other gifts are forgotten!

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