Evening Wine

Every bottle of wine contains a whole world of meaning.

To the attentive drinker, a fine wine speaks about the place it comes from, the grapes it is made from and the weather that nurtured it. Beyond that, it reflects an era’s culture and taste. And as it ages, it offers insight into its joys and its complexities.

Great thinkers through the ages have understood these messages in the bottle, and many have celebrated wine and the pleasures it brings. This book ranges far and wide to find the most concise, insightful and telling “tasting notes” about the pleasures of wine. There are passages from the Bible, proverbs from China and jokes from W.C Field. Poets and philosophers have their say. Above all, there is Shakespeare, who celebrated wine in so many of his famous plays.

We enjoy wine as a sensory pleasure, as an aesthetic experience and as an aid to good health and happiness. This engaging book deepens the experience with thought-provoking aphorisms and delightful illustrations. Pour a glass, and enjoy.

— Marvin R. Shanken,

Editor and Publisher, Wine Spectator

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One Response to Evening Wine

  1. Ruth Krauss says:

    “Evening with Wine” is a total delight. The many-talented Glen Greenwalt’s sketches are charming. The quotes and the format of the book are just right. Like its siblings, “Morning Coffee” and “Afternoon Tea”, “Evening With Wine” makes an elegant gift.

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