Morning Coffee

I always book hotels with a coffeemaker in the room. I bring my own, literally: my husband and I actually own a coffee farm in the Dominican Republic. How much more of a coffee control freak can you be? You love your good coffee so much, you can’t trust anyone else, not just to make it, but to grow it!

But just because I am a coffee lover doesn’t mean that I love anything having to do with coffee. I have high standards. I don’t like that some splashy books are called coffee-table books. Only the best books deserve to be associated with the name of “coffee.”

You are holding in your hands such a one. What a delight to get acquainted with so many likeminded souls, from Malcolm X to Ronald Reagan, from Unknown to T. S. Eliot, all of whom have had something to say about coffee: biting, sharp, hitting-the-spot, just like a good cup of coffee. And the pleasure of this book is not just in the mind, but in the eye. Glen G. Greenwalt’s drawings draw you in, make you muse and amuse you.

You are in for a total treat: a coffee-table book as good as the best cup of coffee you have ever had!

—Julia Alvarez

Author of A Cafecito Story and

A Wedding in Haiti: The Story of a Friendship

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One Response to Morning Coffee

  1. Ruth Krauss says:

    I’ve been looking forward to “Morning Coffee” (and its siblings) with high expectations and am not disappointed. What a delight! Glen Greenwalt captures the essence of coffee culture in his charming sketches and well-chosen quotes. It’s a great gift–and, yes, bought one for myself too!

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